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From promoter to developer

It’s a thing! What has been a topic in Germany, but also internationally for a long time, is also coming to Switzerland – the Influencer product.

There are good reasons why influencers are moving from promoters to developers and no longer just making opinions, but also products:

1. Influencers are experts in their field

Influencer products are fan articles and loyal fans or followers have so many Influencers that their products are often sold out within a very short time.This is what happened recently with the fashion influencer Justin Fuchs and the latest streetwear collection of his brand Peso: in just 30 minutes the entire collection was completely sold out. The hoodie cost 85 Euros – the feeling of being a little closer to his Youtube idol was included for free.

2. Influencers influence the purchase decision

And it is not only in the low-price segment that the Influencer products pay off. Becky Li, a Chinese fashion influencer who is also called the shopping goddess because she so successfully triggers buying impulses, provides the best proof: her limited special edition “MINI Yours”, a turquoise mini cooper for €37,000, sold 100 times in just five minutes.Wow!For this to work, followers must become friends who trust you – Becky Li’s tip in an interview.

(Sources: Artikel Vogue, Case Becky Lee)

3. Influencers can be bound to brands in the long term with their own products

To develop a product, from the idea to production, often takes a whole year. In the fast moving world of social media, this is a long time and unique opportunity to build a long-term relationship with the influencer. The cooperation between Youtuber Luca Scharpenberg, formerly known as “ConCrafter” and the German premium brand for frozen pizza Gustavo Gusto is the best example of this.What was initially planned as a one-time cooperation has developed into a lasting partnership due to the extraordinary success.In the meantime, the third pizza creation, under the name “Pizza Bianca Sette Formaggi” and with a circulation of almost one million, is available on the market and on the shelves of Edeka and Rewe.

The crux of the matter: if it says “Influencer” on it, there is not automatically one in it. The possibilities of collaboration are manifold – from a finished product branded with the persona of the influencer, to putting together personal but existing favourite products in an edition or collection, to the effective development of a product and participation in the whole process. They all have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of time, creative freedom or community involvement. If you are looking for credibility and a long-term perspective, I recommend: turn the promoter into a developer!

Ralf Osteroth

More than 20 years in the industry and not a second tired. Ralf Osteroth’s professional experience counts as many years as some of Picstars’ young people. For two decades he has been moving in the entertainment, music and media world, always sure-footed and in sneakers. He worked with influencers before they were stars – #earlybird – and is now an old hand in influencer marketing and CEO of Picstars Germany.

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