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Fleurop Männerpflanze Influencer Marketing

The Perfect Match for Successful Influencer Marketing

“If you do influencer marketing as a brand, you can communicate with your target group where they spend their time.” This requires long-term planning, a clear strategy and successful collaboration between all stakeholders. Because good influencer marketing is part of a comprehensive marketing mix and should not play a subordinate role.”

After long-term planning and close collaboration, we were able to launch two successful campaigns for the Fleurop brands Männerpflanze and FleuropHome together with the media agency Konnex. In this profitable collaboration, it once again became clear what role the Perfect Match plays in influencer marketing.

The targeted, long-term interaction of an innovative client, a versatile media agency and a data-driven influencer marketing agency could hardly have been more appropriate in this particular case. So, thanks to Picstars’ proprietary technology, not only has the “perfect match” been found between client, campaign and influencer:in. With strategic sensitivity, Konnex was able to create a successful synergy between the three partners.

Using storytelling, creative content and a large portion of enthusiasm, the selected creators finally activated their communities to become creative themselves. The predefined goals of reach and visibility, as well as the precise addressing of the target group, led to a successful conclusion of the campaigns. The number of hits on the Fleurop website was increased, the engagement rate was above average and thanks to the reinforcement by branded content ads, a large reach could be achieved.

More information on the campaigns can be found in our case gallery and in the Horizont article.


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