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The most important social media channels

Not all social media channels are the same. All platforms have their own character and their own advantages and disadvantages. For a campaign, the channels can be selected very strategically, which allows the optimal target group to be reached precisely. In this article we give an overview of the currently most important social platforms.


Instagram’s global user base is incredibly large. Currently, Instagram has a total of 1.22 billion active users (Statista). You can share posts, stories, reels, IGTV videos, live videos and guides on the platform. Reels is Instagram’s answer to the success of TikTok. In Switzerland, 2.9 million users actively use the app (Statista)) and in Germany, 27.8 million (Agentur Gerhard).

A large part of the creators on Instagram drives the “glossy rail”. The posts are very perfectly designed and attention is paid to every detail and every possible flaw. The fact that influencers advertise on Instagram is now widely accepted and the followers still rely heavily on the opinion of their favorite creators, since they stand behind the products they advertise with their name. The great variety of different creators allows us to find the perfect mix of niche influencers, big creators, personalities, etc. and thus to reach the target group accurately.

The biggest Swiss influencer at the moment is Dean Schneider. He emigrated to South Africa, where he built a private sanctuary called Hakuna Mipaka. With him live lions, monkeys, a hyena and many other animals.

In Germany, the twins Lisa and Lena are the creators with the largest following with almost 16 million followers. The two became known through the platform, the predecessor of TikTok.


TikTok is the new star in the social media sky. The video platform is the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store (Oberlo). Originally, the app was known as, where you could upload mainly lipsync videos. You can upload up to 3 mi nute videos on TikTok, which you can add sound to, edit and process with filters and effects. The creators have the chance to gain incredible reach and everyone has the same chance to go viral. There are many niches and fringe groups and so you can achieve a very precise target group fit with a TikTok campaign by choosing the right creator.

For companies, products such as Branded Effects, Hashtag Challenge, or Brand Takeovers are available, and TikTok also provides companies with best practices or product instructions to optimize their own channel (Hubspot). TikTok is especially popular with younger users, but the age curve is rising steadily. Surveys by Statista showed that the user frequency is very high: 75.6% use the app daily (Statista). By the 20-year-olds in a survey in 2020, more than half of the respondents have installed TikTok and by the 17-year-olds, it is even more than 88% (Statista). The future buyers are therefore on the platform. And if one observes the steep growth curve of the platform, it can be assumed that these figures will continue to rise. The numbers speak for themselves: 689 million active users worldwide, an average usage time of 52 minutes daily, and 90% of users open the app several times a day (Oberlo).

Oluyomi Scherrer from Bern is currently the biggest Swiss TikToker. The trained chef produces cooking videos on the platform, using an iPad as a cutting board. Under the username @Thispronto he maintains a whole 8 million followers and his videos are extremely well received. (werbewoche)
Source: @Thisispronto – TikTok

With an incredible 33.2 million followers, Younes Zarou is the largest German TikToker. He has videos on his page that have over 100 million views.
Source @youneszarou – TikTok


The classic Youtube: founded in 2005 and part of Google since 2006 (Statista). Everyone seems to know Youtube, and influencer marketing on Youtube is no longer a novelty. Many creators produce advertising videos and have established functioning partnerships and cooperations. The number of monthly active users worldwide is over 2.3 billion people (Statista).

The reaches achieved are incredibly high. It is not uncommon for content creators from Youtube to have a celebrity-like standing and have built their own brand through their Youtube careers.


Twitch is a livestream platform that has been operating independently since 2011. The platform is mainly used by gamers who live stream their games and interact live with their community. Events take place on E-Spot, which can be followed online (Computerbild). Via the Twitchtracker one can follow the numbers live. In May, for example, 2,307,473,592 h were actively watched (Twitchtracker).

Youtubers are also increasingly flocking to the site. For example, Gronkh, who has uploaded Let’s Plays to Youtube, MontanaBlack, the biggest German streamer and Knossi, who also does online gaming live, are all also on Youtube (Streamproject).


Facebook is the largest social network. It is also the parent company of Instagram and WhatsApp. Every day, 2.6 billion people use Facebook daily and 3.3 billion use the network monthly (allfacebook). Facebook has changed a lot since the beginning and during the Corona pandemic it put a focus on live videos and also focuses on thematic communities. Online shopping is also a topic that Facebook is becoming more and more involved with, and the developers seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on expanding these features. (trustedshops)

However, Facebook’s dominance has fallen sharply since 2015 as young people turn away from the network. Facebook is still very popular with the older generations, but is no longer the frontrunner among the young. Among 12-34 year-olds, Facebook is now the most-used social medium for only 1 in 5. Instagram takes the top spot in this age category. For it with the over 55 year olds Facebook is with 70% the most used network. (wiwo)


Compared to the previous year, Twitter showed a 17% growth and 199 million users (futurebiz). Brands with a large reach can use Twitter to set their own trends if the condition is met that their community searches for the brand and listens (hubspot).

But what makes Twitter different from other social media? It is a platform based on real-time communication. You can “tweet” opinions, ideas, etc. and then interact with the Twitter community. You can react to statements and photos from other members of our community and exchange opinions. Primarily individuals are on Twitter to follow their favorite celebrities and brands and stay up to date and as close to them as possible. (diri)

Cover credits: Dean SchneiderYounes Zarou & Lisa & Lena


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