Our Technology
ist leading the way.

We are convinced that successful influencer marketing happens where expertise and technology meet. With our innovative AI-powered technology and various automations, we can manage our campaigns from front to beggining to end and maximize efficiency. Good News: you can follow everything along the way.

Our Campaign Management team can perform powerful searches by leveraging campaign data, our API-integrated data collection tools and unique, digital data points. Once the perfect match has been found, the ideal combination of campaign concept and influencer, it can be transferred directly into the campaign setup.


The campaign management areas are the heart of our technology, where active campaigns administered. Everything from setting budgets and regulatory compliance to communicating with creators, managing tasks, monitoring performance, and compensating completed campaign implementations happens here.

Task Management + Payouts

Intuitively built to be controlled from your mobile, creators will find all their campaigns and tasks organized in one place. Not only are creators abile to communicate with campaign management and clients to gather feedback and content approval. They can also run expenses, upload insights and analytics for published content, and request payouts with just one click.


Providing holistic and insightful reports is facilitated by the Picstars Brand Cockpit. Campaign managers can send clients not only a link to a visualization of campaign performance, but also its content. This can enable further content distribution for customers and can be reused as part of the 360° strategy.

Expertise meets technology


Through our advanced technologies, we were able to run 33 campaigns in parallel last year with seven campaign managers.


Our workflows are designed so that our operations are not disrupted by changes made by an external integration partner. This not only protects our valuable data but also our processes.


We develop features that enable flexible and scalable collaboration and communication between campaign managers. It is also possible to communicate directly with influencers via our technological solution.


Creators have profiles on diverse channels. We’ve developed an advanced creator search that looks for the perfect match on multiple social media platforms simultaneously.


We work with five different data collection sources that ensure reliable and effective data management, optimization and curation.


Our customers can easily monitor and analyze their campaigns and keep track of all their content.