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We believe that successful influencer marketing happens where human expertise and technology meet.

With our modern technology and various automations, we can empower our team to manage influencer marketing from front to back and maximize efficiency.

Creator Matchmaking

By leveraging, campaign data, our API-integrated data collection tools and unique, digital data points, our Campaign Management team can perform powerful searches. Once the perfect match is found, the perfect match between the customer’s ideas, the campaign and the influencer:in, it can be applied directly to the campaign setup.

Campaign Management

The Campaign Management areas in our technology, are the central nervous system where active campaigns are managed. This is where everything from setting budgets and regulatory compliance, communicating with creators, managing creator tasks, monitoring performance, and rewarding completed campaign implementations happens.

Task Management & Automatic Payouts

Intuitively built to be controlled from their cell phone, creators will find all their campaigns and tasks organized in one place. Not only do they have the ability to communicate with campaign management and the client for feedback and content approval. Creators can also run expenses, upload insights and analytics for published content, and request payouts for their revenue with the touch of a button.

Reporting & Debriefing

Providing holistic and insightful reports is facilitated by Picstars Brand Cockpit. Not only can campaign managers can send the client a shareable link to a visualization of the campaign performance, but also the campaign content. This allows clients to further use the creative content as part of their 360-degree strategies.

Picstars' technology supports these key platforms


Human expertise
meets technology.

Efficiency and scalability

Through our advanced technologies, in 2021, with 7 Campaign Managers, we were able to run 33 campaigns in parallel.

Independence from third-party providers

Our workflows are designed so that our operations are not disrupted by changes made by an external integration partner.

Flexibility in campaign management

Features that enable flexible and scalable management of collaboration and communications.

Unique Creator search

The only advanced creator search that can search on multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

Various Data collection sources

5 data collection sources that ensure reliable and effective data management, optimization and

Brand Cockpit

Our customers can analyze their campaigns in real time and keep track of all their content.

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