SMEs should also rely on influencer marketing

Is influencer marketing only suitable for large companies?

No! Influencer marketing should be a marketing strategy for all companies, to which increased attention is paid. The importance of the young marketing discipline can be clearly proven by forecasts and figures. Experts expect an annual growth rate of around 30% in the DACH region and a market volume of approximately CHF 5 billion in 2027 (Kammermann, et al. (2020)). Various insights of the Swiss Influencer Marketing Report 2020 also underline the relevance of influencer marketing today. Three key insights of the report are:

60% of all millennials follow influencers on social media. More than half of them specifically search for product information there.

37% of all millennials have already been motivated to make a purchase by influencers. Among those who have subscribed to influencers and actively follow them, the figure is as high as 53%.

Millennials are more influenced in their purchasing decisions by information from influencers than by information from (other) paid forms of advertising such as TV commercials, ads or search engine results.

Clegg, M., Hofstetter, R., Schindler, L., Deubelbeiss, O., Lanz, A., Faltl, M., & Tomczak, T. (2020). Swiss Influencer Marketing Report 2020, University of Lucerne.

Companies particularly want to appeal to the young target group, Generation Z. According to Facebook’s Gen Z Report, this generation now accounts for 40% of purchasing power worldwide. If you want to reach this target group, which is “always on,” you have to communicate where they are – in social media. The Tiktok platform is becoming increasingly popular here and has already overtaken Instagram and YouTube in certain age groups (App Annie, 2021). Generation Z must therefore be reached by companies. TikTok is ideally suited for this. It is recommended to become active on the platform as quickly as possible, because as soon as the enormous growth stagnates, it will also become increasingly difficult for companies to establish themselves on the platform. Since podcasts are also becoming increasingly important in Switzerland (Podcastschmiede, 2021), this medium can also be used well for recommendation marketing. Radio is losing relevance and podcasts are increasingly taking this position. Here, too, marketers can benefit from the close connection between listeners and podcasters (WUV, 2020).

Awareness and sales can therefore be increased rapidly if implemented appropriately and well. The budgets of companies that are to be invested in influencer marketing have therefore increased enormously in recent times. Nevertheless, many are not yet fully aware of the impact of this marketing discipline.

For a successful influencer campaign, it is important that it carries the language of the sender. For an authentic and successful approach, companies need the courage and trust of the selected influencers. Only if they can fully live out their creativity and speak their own language are they able to profitably activate their communities.

The same applies to paid advertising, such as branded content ads. The senders of these sponsored posts are the creators themselves. The partnership to the respective brand is clearly marked and is played out to a defined target group. Branded content ads are a very effective tool for generating impressions. They shine because of the possibility to reach a preferred target group in an authentic way through influencers in order to spread the brand message.

In der Schweiz ist die Generation Z durchschnittlich 37 Stunden täglich mit ihren Smartphones online (Xeit, 2021). Ein Unternehmen, welches in den Sozialen Medien aktiv ist, kann so ganz natürlich Teil des Diskurses werden und eine grössere Relevanz für die User:innen bieten. Brands, die das umsetzen können, haben gute Chancen von der Gen Z erkannt und ernstgenommen zu werden. Laut Facebook würden diese nämlich schlussendlich Marken wählen, die sich engagieren und schliesslich mit ihnen in Verbindung treten (Facebook IQ, 2021)

The software market has also become more diverse and professional in 2020, which will provide significant support for the influencer marketing industry (WUV, 2020). Agencies are developing technologies that improve specific processes. For example, influencer selection and campaign measurement can be simplified and made more efficient. Picstars also has its own technology that supports campaign managers in various processes. The interaction between modern technology and the know-how of the team creates a unique symbiosis that makes the collaboration with brands and influencers efficient, measurable and successful.

But what do you need to pay special attention to if you want to launch a successful influencer campaign? It is important to find the “perfect match”. The right influencers for the brand and the campaign. Once these people have been found, the message is defined on the basis of the briefing. Then it’s a matter of giving the creators creative leeway, agreeing on action steps and arranging a regular exchange.

Once the campaign is live, the amount of campaign KPIs can be clearly displayed and tracked thanks to various insights and technology. Finally, it is important to make meaningful and data-driven decisions, make potential adjustments and measure the success of a campaign.

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