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Products are rarely sold as quickly as when they are promoted by influencers. Brands have now started to develop individual products together with creators from various fields. These product collaborations have become an integral part of influencer marketing. There are already many best practice examples in the German market, and we can expect Switzerland to follow suit.

A shift can be observed over the last few years. In the past, it was mainly celebrities who advertised a brand as ambassadors. Nowadays, it’s no longer just celebrities, but increasingly also influencers. In the same way, celebrities and influencers shine above all because of their reach and loyal communities.

Roger Federer with On, who is now a partner in the Swiss running sports specialist, Wendy Holdener with Emmi Caffè Latte, and Die Toten Hosen with their own beer brand Hosen Hell. These are just a few examples of products that have resulted from cooperation with celebrities.

Image sources: Emmi / On Running / Hosen Hell (retrieved: 04/26/2021).

Nowadays, products are also on the rise that have been developed by influencers in collaborations or independently. In the U.S., they are no longer anything out of the ordinary, and in Germany, too, these products are becoming more and more common. The cases are characterized by extremely positive sales figures. The fact that the products are sold out in a flash speaks for itself. We are pleased to present some of these success cases.

Naturally Pam by Pamela Reif

With almost 8 million subscribers, Pamela Reif is THE German fitness influencer on Instagram. She posts workout videos on YouTube, creates workout plans, has published various cookbooks and has her own app in which she regularly publishes new recipes. She also made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2020. Pamela Reif is currently writing a real success story. Now she has also launched her own food brand under the name Naturally Pam. About 30 minutes after the launch, the entire range in the online store was completely sold out. Not even everyone made it to the check-out, as the servers partially collapsed.

Image sources:  Image 1Image 2 / Image 3 (retrieved: 26.04.2021)

In their products, quality and sustainability are writ large. The ingredients are organically grown and the packaging is also sustainable. They are plastic-free, biodegradable and made of recyclable cellulose film. In addition, the CO2 emissions of the production and shipping are compensated. (Source: Naturally Pam)

A product must live up to the values of the influencer. The example of Pamela Reif shows that her personal values are reflected in the production and the products. This must be the case so that the product appears authentic and is well received by the followers. Based on the sales figures, you can see that this works very well and based on the positive reviews, it is clear that the followers are convinced of the quality. Marie Inspire, for example, has recorded such a review and is convinced of Pam’s products:

Capi’s BraTee

Germany’s currently most successful rapper Capital Bra already launched his own pizza some time ago. Now he is at the start with the BraTee. So the musician with the most top one hits (source: Wikipedia), now has his very own iced tea brand, which is available to buy in four varieties. Available are watermelon, peach, lemon and pomegranate. (Source: BraTee)

Image sources:  Image 1Image 2 / Image 3 (retrieved: 26.04.2021)

The iced teas sell very quickly and are very well received. According to  Raptastisch, 6 million units were sold even before the official launch. To understand the hype, Antonia, our Head of Marketing, also wanted to test the product and was just able to get hold of one of the last watermelon teas before everything was sold out. After talking to a salesperson at Drinks of the World in Zurich, the situation was explained: young people were already waiting in front of the store in Zurich HB before opening hours. Euro pallets, which were supposed to secure the stock for the weekend, were already completely empty on Friday.

Image sources:  Image 1 / Image 2: private / Image 3 (Image 1 and 3 retrieved: 26.04.2021).

Luca Pizza by laserluca

Together with the pizza manufacturer  Gustavo Gusto, the German YouTuber Luca has launched frozen pizzas on the market. The first pizza hit the stores in 2017, though this collaboration was supposed to be just a project. But since the collaboration is so successful, they already produced the 3rd joint pizza in December 2020. The new cheese pizza will also reach the growing vegetarian part of Luca’s target group (source: Horizont).

Image sources: Image 1 / Image 2Image 3 (retrieved: 26.04.2021)

A meet & greet was held as part of the “Pizza Release”, in which 3,000 kids took part and were able to meet their idol. The KPIs are also very positive. The videos of one of his creations generated a total of over 7.5 million views.

Image sources: Image 1Image 2 / Image 3 (retrieved: 26.04.2021)

Rob’s Original by CrispyRob

With that name, it makes a lot of sense that YouTuber  CrispyRob sells chips. On his website you can read that “creating the perfect chips” has been a dream of his since childhood. The chips are available in four varieties under the name  Rob’s Original exclusively at Kaufland in Germany. (Source: Rob’s Originals)

Ralf Osteroth, Picstar’s CEO, also told us that the chips were so well received at his home that they were eaten away in no time. So Rob is proving to have a good nose. His passion for the perfect chips comes across immediately in his video:

Sucuk by Zeki

Germany may be a leap ahead of Switzerland in the field of influencer marketing. Nevertheless, there is already an example of a successful influencer-product collaboration in Switzerland. Zeki  is one of the most successful influencers in Switzerland and a big Sucuk fan. He has discovered cooking as a new hobby and loves to combine traditional cuisine from his childhood days, with classic Swiss dishes (source: Werbewoche) . The product is a Sucuk, a Turkish, very spicy sausage, which Zeki sells under the brand name Zeki’s Original  in selected Migros stores.

To announce the launch of his sausage and boost sales, Zeki has even, together with EffE, released a song and video, which – of course – is all about the Sucuk.


Influencer products are indisputably already an important part of influencer marketing. If one observes the development of influencer marketing in the USA and Germany to date, one can assume that the potential of these collaborations will also be recognized in Switzerland very soon. However, the limited space on the shelves must be taken into consideration. In contrast to Germany and the USA, there is a certain shortage of space in stores in Switzerland. So when a new product is added to the range, another has to be removed (source: 20 Minuten). However, many products can also be sold online. Pamela Reif, for example, offers her products at selected points of sale, but sells them mainly online.

Influencer products automatically carry a certain seal of quality, as they are directly linked to the name (or the better-known stage name) of a natural person, who thus vouches for the quality of the product. Of course, the whole thing always depends on the values behind which the influencers stand.

In any case, we are already very excited to see which collaborations and products our influencers will inspire their followers with in the future.

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Contribution- & cover-photo: Crispy Rob / Pamela Reif / Capital Bra)

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