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Why are athletes born influencers?

For a long time, influencers were mainly associated with people who, thanks to their appearance, a crazy hobby or lifestyle, etc., have a high number of followers on social media. These influencers often ‘looked good’ with a product in the picture and thus encouraged their followers to buy it.

Of course, these ‘conventional’ influencers have also changed and have become professional and influential personalities with sometimes complex content productions, who really convince with their creativity and authenticity and are valuable for a brand. Nevertheless and seen as a whole, athletes are still more credible? Very often, yes. This is because they often serve as role models, arouse interest in their private lives and often create super natural content without much effort.

Andri Ragettli for example reaches an audience of millions with his acrobatic freestyle jumps:


Nielsen Sports, which is very concerned with the issue of credibility, even claims that often the ‘fan quality’ of athletes is higher than that of a model, for example. This is not least because the followership of an athlete is based on many real fans who are open for advertising messages of their idols.

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