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Deepening your understanding of social media and influencer marketing with Picstars and Jana Gross

We have already reported in our blog article hier about our cooperation with Jana Gross from ETH Zürich. Jana explained the focus of her Influencer Marketing research and drew a picture of her collaboration with Picstars. Now we start a blog series with Jana as guest author. We are very much looking forward to Jana’s upcoming articles and hereby give her the floor. 

Did you ever ask yourself:
  • How can I identify effective content creators for my marketing campaign on social media?
  • Why do people click the ‘like’ button, or leave a comment on a post on Facebook or Instagram?
  • How can I better position and differentiate my social media brand from other content creators?

In collaboration with Picstars, this series of blog posts aims to answer questions like those.

I am a PhD student at ETH Zurich and I spent the last years researching, exploring, and investigating the phenomenon “influencer marketing” on social media. Social media and their phenomena are something that fascinates me deeply. To me, social media is a main key element of digitalization because it fundamentally changed communication between individuals. Nowadays, companies face large challenges due to these changes and their resulting dynamics. To analyze and optimize those changes motivated me to start a PhD in this field. I hope to be able to share my knowledge and fascination for those topics with you in the upcoming blog posts.

In my research, my goal is to understand and better design the dynamic relationship between companies, content creators, and consumers. I combine data science with social media and influencer marketing to expand upon the existing knowledge in these fields. I care about accounting for the different perspectives of companies, content creators, and consumers into my research. This allows to apply different research approaches. My research aims to offer knowledge and value to everyone in the field of social media and influencer marketing.

Together with Picstars, we investigate and aim to answer highly-relevant influencer marketing-related questions. We apply different research approaches, such as survey, experiments, and social media analytics, to enhance knowledge of social media usage and particularly influencer marketing.

Our goal is for you,
  • …as a company, to be able to implement and optimize upon your social media strategy and influencer marketing.
  • …as a content creator, to effectively differentiate your social media brand from competitors.

In the coming days, we start with our first post on “10 terms in influencer marketing you should know”.


Jana Gross is a PhD student at ETH Zurich. Her research is about social media and influencer marketing. The world of social media fascinates her. She shares her fascination and knowledge on current topics in social media and influencer marketing with us. In the context of our joint blog series, she regularly writes posts on our blog in the upcoming weeks.

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