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Ralf Osteroth strengthens

Ralf brings many years of experience to our team. As CEO Germany he is now responsible for our expansion in the German market. At Studio71, which markets top influencers, he has built up and managed the Marketing & Sales team over the last few years. We are very pleased that we were able to engage Ralf, an entrepreneurial and experienced influencer & social media professional.

Why are you enthusiastic about influencer marketing?

Ralf: “With Influencer Marketing you get very close to the desired target group and to a degree that has not been the case with other media products before. Influencers are multipliers who come from the middle of society and deal with everyday and relevant topics (beauty, fashion, lifestyle, society, sport, family, music, …) but also with problems and needs. In this way, they are perceived in a particularly authentic way and thus manage to win the trust of their followers. If you use this strength as a brand and let the influencers produce the content that the community is accustomed to, then the community can also benefit from it very much”.

Please tell us about your 3 highlights in your professional life

Ralf: “First of all to celebrate common successes in the team. They can be bigger or smaller, together they are most happy. It was a great experience to be part of the first jury of the category Social & Influencer of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. In general, there were many things in my professional career that would be worth mentioning, but that would go beyond the scope of this. But basically it was always the things where I could build something – it was always a lot of fun”.

What is the current status of creators/influencers at leading brands?

Ralf: “Brands have new perspectives with regard to their marketing measures due to the great and increasing popularity of social media content. They have targeted access to Creators’ large and small reach, which they can use specifically for marketing their brands and products. By addressing the influencers and their social media channels, especially younger target groups can be reached precisely and effectively. Influencers play a very important role for the brands that have recognized this. For those who do not yet use influencer marketing or use it little, it will become more and more unavoidable to also rely on this form of communication”.

As CEO of PICSTARS Germany, you lead the development of PICSTARS in Germany. What services will PICSTARS be able to offer in the German market?

Ralf: “Creativity, transparency, guaranteed performance based on commitment, brand safety and authentic content. We can offer that in this interaction like no other on the market.”

You live in Berlin and often travel to Zurich. What makes the two cities worth living in and why is Berlin the centre of your life?

Ralf: “Berlin is simply a very tolerant, multicultural and cosmopolitan city. The wide range of culture, restaurants, bars, clubs and the many things you can still do here is hard to beat in Europe. Zurich, on the other hand, captivates with its location by the lake and its proximity to the mountains, the charm of the city and the friendly colleagues of Picstars there.”

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