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"Quasi straight-forward, as it should be"

“I found the cooperation to be great. Quasi straight-forward, as it should be. Questions were answered quickly, the whole team was flexible and you could bring in your own ideas. For my part, I was able to work out a really authentic post with which I and the customer are completely happy. Authenticity is the most important thing for me when it comes to cooperation, so it worked out wonderfully.

Within the framework of the Mountain Time Campaign, Picstars worked together with the talented photographer and outdoor sportsman Roman Königshofer (@rawmeyn), among others. His Instagram channel with over 200K followers, documents in high quality resolution all his adventurous journeys into breathtaking mountain landscapes. Roman has been a passionate photographer for 16 years and drew his first inspirations from his time when he was intensively involved in snowboarding. Since then, his trained eye has captured the most impressive sides of nature.

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