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Picstars goes Schweizer Markenkongress 2020

The Swiss Brand Congress took place on 26 October 2020 at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich. As a partner Picstars was able to lead one of the panels. Ralf Osteroth, CEO Germany and Luca Graf, Head of Sales, gave a presentation on the topic “Perfect Match meets Creative Storytelling” and explained questions about influencers, influencer marketing during Corona, Picstars as a company and the cooperation with the Goldbach Group for the Feldschlösschen Case. A guest speaker was also invited to contribute to the panel. Sven Ruoss, CPO of 20 Minuten, spoke on his part about the online presence of 20 Minuten and the use of the in-house Influencer.

The following video shows the recording of the live performance of Ralf Osteroth, Luca Graf and Sven Ruoss.


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