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New year, new trends

To go into tomorrow’s trends at this point would probably be water under the bridge. Because what will be en vogue in influencer marketing this year has long since been reported in trend reports, reported in reports and informed via infographics. So Ralf Osteroth, our CEO in Germany, is saving himself a look into the crystal ball and instead wants to present you his assessments of three trends.

It's high time for TikTok

Since 2019, time has been running at 15-second intervals. TikTok, the social network with short videos, recorded 738 million downloads last year alone, making it the second most downloaded app worldwide – only WhatsApp tops that. While Generation Z has long since recognized the appeal of the app and in this country spends almost an hour on it every day, it’s high time for companies to get to grips with it too.If you want to reach the young target group, especially fashion and FMCG brands, you will soon have to include TikTok in your social media strategy.There is a lot of experimentation going on right now – on the part of operators with monetization and on the part of companies with the first campaigns.In Germany, Samsung, BMW and Otto are leading the way for the mail order company and I am sure that first movers will soon follow suit in Switzerland as well.

Micro becomes macro

If you want to believe the latest trend, in future you will not work with a few big influencers but with many small ones – micro instead of macro, that’s the motto, which I think is too black and white.The perfect match is not per se withheld from the small or big ones, but rather it is about finding the right influencers.And they are right when they fit the product and their target group matches that of the brand.

When AR and VR become reality

Also this year the breakthrough of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is predicted and also this year I dare to doubt it. Of course, the new realities are not irrelevant, because they will redefine the way content is communicated.When asked where the journey will take us in the new year, I would therefore focus less on the medium and more on the content.And if I dared to look into the crystal ball, I would see influencers that skilfully combine storytelling with augmented reality.Just like the Scandinavian fashion brand Carlings did with its digital collection and set an example against fast fashion in the campaign adDRESS THE FUTURE.

Ralf Osteroth

More than 20 years in the industry and not a second tired. Ralf Osteroth’s professional experience counts as many years as some of Picstars’ young people. For two decades he has been moving in the entertainment, music and media world, always sure-footed and in sneakers. He worked with influencers before they were stars – #earlybird – and is now an old hand in influencer marketing and CEO of Picstars Germany.

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