You don’t need any software. You need a strong solution for your influencer campaign. That’s why we developed our web platform. Our software offers you transparency of your campaign, digital automation, data from Creators & Posts. In addition you can choose from our modular services: Conception, selection of creators, monitoring of posts and the performance-based payment of creators.


Matchmaking is not magic. It requires well segmented data and the right digital selection process.

In our software & services solution, the creators pitch for the client’s campaigns. The client then selects the best creators.

Campaigns proposal
and contract

A perfect creative concept for Creators has to be communicated with an understandable briefing. The Creators must be able to access the relevant information at the time of the post.

This only works with a clear structure and access to the data via the Picstars Creator App.


Full transparency even during the campaign. You see all posts in the live cockpit and can easily download the pictures & videos and use them for your social media communication. You can keep an eye on the commitment and the commitment rate at all times.

Creator App

The creators can access all information about the campaign (hashtags, mentions, texts) at the time of the post and can follow the engagement performance of their post live. The Creators’ earnings are based on the post performance. The payment request for the campaign post can be triggered directly in the app by the Creators.

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Use our software solution with or without Picstars Services. Just as it fits best into your processes. We are looking forward to a personal demo with you.

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Questions & Answers

With our own software engineering and product team. The software is constantly being enhanced with new functionalities to enable efficient planning and execution of an influencer campaign. We use this software as a working tool for our campaign and creator teams. In addition, we license the software to brands who plan and organize their own campaigns but want to benefit from the transparent and user-friendly web solution.

Finding Creators in our manually reviewed and categorized database. There are over 10’000 influencer profiles in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). But many of the profiles found in other directories are not people (but fan sites, clubs, companies or repost sites), have qualitatively insufficient content or a questionable number of followers or interactions. Our database contains more than 3’000 verified, carefully categorized and relevant profiles of creators/influencers.

The selection process of creators. This begins with a good campaign proposal with a campaign specific survey. The interested Creators apply for the campaign by answering the specific questions that are important for the brand / client and the success of the campaign. The Brand Cockpit in our software can be used to easily and conveniently select the most suitable people from all interested candidates.

Delivery and acceptance of the contract. All services and rules for the collaboration are electronically transmitted to the creators. They must accept these contract conditions before they can start the campaign.

The monitoring of the posts during the campaign. In the live cockpit, the customer/ brand has a live overview of all posts, stories, videos and the performance values of the campaign.

The performance-based payment of the Creators. The achieved commitment (likes, comments, …) of a post is crucial for the payment of the creators. Special services such as participation in events, interviews, etc. are remunerated to the Creators on an hourly basis. Via the Picstars Creator App, the influencers always have an eye on the earnings for their posts and can also request payment via this app. The internal review processes and the bank transfer are also supported by the software.