You want to know what you pay the Creators for and use their pictures, videos and texts for your communication mix? Then it’s essential that you have an overview of the whole process from choosing the right Creators to billing. This is exactly what we offer you with our services and our web platform.


We have the right story for your product. In order for your influencers as well as yourself to be able to communicate your product attractively, you need a gripping story. We draw this line every time anew with an interesting story that allows a creative implementation.

Campaign Proposal

Together we develop a campaign proposal which describes the idea of the campaign in an attractive and simple way. Thanks to our Picstars software, we can easily create this proposal and send it to the creators. A questionnaire for the creators is part of the proposal. For their pitch.

Influencer Preselection

Our large network of influencers & creators allows us to find the right ambassadors for your brand. With over 3000 tested profiles in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through personal contact with the content creators we know what they can credibly advertise for.

Influencer Pitch & Selection

We will send you a proposal with creators who are interested in your campaign. They have applied for your campaign with their creative ideas. Using our cockpit for brands, you can easily make the influencer selection – always with the agreed target values in sight.

Contracting & Briefing

The selected influencers will be briefed by us and commit themselves to participate in the campaign by confirming the campaign agreement. This includes all rules for a fair cooperation.


During the running campaign we make sure that the briefing is fulfilled. Your brand should be reflected in pictures and text. In addition, we always keep an eye on the jointly agreed target values.

Analytics & Reporting

In our brand cockpit you can follow the performance of your influencer campaign in real time. In addition to the latest posts and stories, you’ll get an overview of the most important key figures of your campaign.


The Creators are paid performance-based according to the engagement achieved (likes, comments, …). Via the Picstars App, the Creators can deposit their account details, track the earnings per post live and request the payout. The Picstars team checks the quality of the post before authorizing and executing a payout.

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Questions & Answers

Most services can be booked individually. Depending on the initial situation of a brand/client, they can take over certain services themselves. If, for example, a brand already works with a group of creators/ influencers and the concept for their posts has been defined, then our Monitoring & Payment services can be booked.

The Creators use the Picstars app to prepare a post. There they can place the prepared image overlays on their photos or in the videos. Our software then recognizes the creator’s post on his social media profiles and automatically imports the content (photos, videos, texts, statistics) into the password-protected live cockpit of the brand/ client. Content that cannot be integrated automatically (such as Instagram Stories) is conveniently uploaded to our software by the creators via their smartphones.

The target groups and core messages of a brand are usually clearly defined. An advertising concept for the classic advertising channels is defined. However, this concept cannot be transferred 1:1 to the selection and briefing of creators. After all, you don’t want to see boring and untrustworthy product placements in the posts. Rather, the credible creators matching the theme should be able to creatively implement the advertising message or the product. This requires a creative briefing that is tailored to the way the creators work. The briefing should offer creative scope, but also convey a clear message in terms of the brand and the product characteristics. With our experience from over 100 influencer campaigns, we know how to combine the goals of the brands with the creative, authentic working methods of the creators.

By first making a rough pre-selection in our carefully categorized creator database. Then we send a great designed proposal to the creators. It describes the requirements of the brand/client and the idea for the campaign as well as the payment. The interested creators/influencers apply for participation with their creative ideas (pitch) and additional information important for the campaign (follower target group, interests, availability). The applications are evaluated by Picstars and a proposal with matching creators is presented to the brand/client in our software (planning cockpit). This way, the brand can check the proposed creators, their answers (pitch) and profiles. Using drag & drop, the client can adjust the selection of creators according to his wishes.