We are influencer marketing experts.

You want to know what you pay the Creators for and use their pictures, videos and texts for your communication mix? Then it’s essential that you have an overview of the whole process from choosing the right Creators to billing. This is exactly what we offer you with our services and our web platform.

We take care of everything

From the development of creative concepts, to the execution of the campaign, to the measurement and reporting of the results.

Perfect Match

We know the audience of our influencers. Together with your requirements we will achieve the perfect fit.

Creative Ideas

We develop innovative influencer marketing strategies with long-term goals and creative ideas for your brand.

Influencer Relations

We know our influencers. With the unique pitch tool we find the perfect brand message for you for a long-term cooperation.

Strategy Consulting

Our content strategies give influencers the freedom to be authentic on the platforms where they have the greatest reach. This is not advertising – this is storytelling.

Production & Content creation

By combining traditional productions with influential people, we are able to take your content to the next level.

Campaign amplification

Our digital marketing team uses paid media to support your influencer marketing campaign to achieve the best possible results for your brand.


During the ongoing campaign we ensure that the briefing is fulfilled. Your company should be reflected in pictures and text.

Analytics & Reporting

Before the start of each campaign, we define goal-oriented and data-driven KPIs. This is how we guarantee success. We measure progress from start to finish and provide you with transparent insights.


Our software has an automated payout function. We handle the whole payment of the influencers during the campaign for you.


These are just a few of the more than 4000 tested content creators from the areas of sports, lifestyle and personality who create attractive content for your brand. We will find the right Instagram Creators for you. Micro & Macro Influencer.


Nicole Christeler

#lifestyle #travel

Dillan White

#lifestyle #fashion

Fernando Di Cicco

#music #songwriting

Rachel Rinast

#sport #lifestyle

Lara Zaugg


Sarah Hoefflin

#sport #snowboard

Fabio Zingg

#photography #travel



#streetart #graffiti

Maren Wolf

#lifestyle #fashion


Josh Kempinaire

#photography #travel

Mia Augsburger

#fashion #familiy

Eduard Markaj

#breakdance #sport

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