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The PICTARS Campaign
from brands, events & companies


Madness in Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee is promoting the WinterCARD season pass at a crazy price with a big advertising campaign. In parallel with this, PICSTARS is organising an influencer campaign involving more than 40 winter sports athletes. These athletes have been using the PICSTARS app to post more than 100 insanely brilliant pictures, reaching an audience of over six million people. Everything is measurable – thanks to PICSTARS.


Samsung – #SwitchNow campaign

As part of its #SwitchNow campaign, Samsung is drafting in keen Samsung Galaxy users and influencers to kick-start a movement together. To help with this, PICSTARS has identified 13 suitable brand ambassadors and stirred them into action, as well as providing the PICSTARS technology for implementing the campaign.


We love Arosa

This is a really great campaign to be part of. Ten businesses from Arosa are launching the #welovearosa campaign with 20 Arosa fans, 20 employees from the companies and three top influencers from the world of travel and food. This campaign has been made possible thanks to PICSTARS technology. With the PICSTARS app, the various brand ambassadors can share their special moments on their social media profiles.


Tivela – Germany

Tivela combines football and lifestyle. It was PICSTARS that paved the way for the launch of Tivela with an array of famous footballers as brand ambassadors. The Tivela app provides football fans with all the latest news and a really easy way to shop for the styles of their sporting idols.


The Swiss Beach volleyball Team Beeler Krattiger won as a new Sponsor with PICSTARS. In the meantime, it is a long-term and good partnership. Both athletes maintain their Social Media profiles active and offers a good and qualified reach with an attractive target group.


FC Aarau & Neue Aargauer Bank

Soccer’s of FC Aarau posts pictures on their Social Media profiles. The sponsor Neue Aargauer Bank wins additional visibility at followers of the soccers. Thanks to the PICSTARS App and the brand-cockpit posts, the interaction and reach can be controlled.


The up-and-coming beach volleyball pair Elena Steinemann and Laura Caluori have found the perfect sponsor in Both their social media posts and their bikini bottoms are now suitably branded. The perfect story to go with the sponsorship deal has also been developed with the slogan “The job you love”.



Transa staff can add branding to their posts about their outdoor adventures and share them directly in their personal networks. In return, they have the opportunity to win some attractive prizes from their employer.



As the main sponsor of the Swiss Ski Association, Swisscom supports Switzerland’s freeskiers and freestyle snowboarders. These athletes were given the opportunity to add branding to their social media posts for four months, earning them valuable sponsorship funding based on any interactions with their posts.


Eisbären Berlin 

With the right kind of stimulation and carefully targeted incentives (e.g. “meet and greet” sessions with favourite players), the Eisbären Berlin ice hockey team gave its fans the chance to access PICSTARS. Involving the fans helped to expand the community of PICSTARS users and boost their affinity with the team.

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