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You want to know what you pay the Creators for and use their pictures, videos and texts for your communication mix? Then it is important that you have an overview of the whole process from choosing the right creators to the billing process. This is exactly what we offer you with our services and our web platform. Transparency for your campaign on Instagram & Co.



These are just a few of the over 4000 tested content creators from the fields of sport, lifestyle and personality who create attractive content for your brand. We’ll find the right Instagram creators for you. Micro & macro influencers.


Karen Fleischmann

#lifestyle #fashion

Dillan White

#lifestyle #fashion

Fernando Di Cicco

#music #songwriting

Rachel Rinast

#sports #lifestyle

Lara Zaugg


Sarah Hoefflin

#sport #snowboard

Fabio Zingg

#photography #travel



#streetart #graffiti

Maren Wolf

#lifestyle #fashion


Josh Kempinaire

#photography #travel

Mia Augsburger

#fashion #familiy

Eduard Markaj

#breakdance #sports

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Do you as a brand or agency want to work with the right Instagram creators to showcase your brand? These dedicated people do exist.

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Questions & Answers

Searching for the needle in the haystack is our specialty. We have a database of over 4000 tested Instagrams, Youtube or Blog creators and influencers available. A preselection is made thanks to a segmentation according to the exact topics of the creators, their region, the number of followers and the average commitment per post. So we find the relevant Instagram Influencers very quickly. After a rough check of the client, we send an individual proposal for each influencer campaign to the Instagram creators. On the basis of this proposal, the interested influencers apply with their pitch – this is their creative idea for the campaign – for participation. The brand or the commissioned creative or media agency selects the most suitable profiles from all interested Instagram creators. The selected Instagram creators then receive a detailed briefing and agreement for the implementation of the agreed services.

Instagram is very popular with many men and women worldwide with 500 million active users every day. 60.4% of users are 18 to 24 years old. 60% of all users are on Instagram on a daly basis. In Germany alone, there are 18 million Instagram users, 110 million in the USA. According to a recent study by Rakuten Marketing, 80% of consumers have already purchased at least one product that they discovered through Influencer Marketing. The market volume for Instagram or Youtube Influencer Marketing campaigns is growing rapidly. Fashion & Beauty brands have been using Instagram influencers for many years. For every product or service, content creators on social media channels are a useful and valuable building block in Content and Social Media Marketing.

There are good reasons why micro influencers are closer to their followers and therefore more credible. This can be measured by the engagement rate. The engagement rate is the ratio of the total engagement (likes, comments,…) to the number of followers. Micro influencers have rates of 5-20%. Macro influencers typically have a rate below 5%. The engagement on a post has an important influence on the reach (visibility) of the posts. Picstars recommends a mix of macro and micro influencers in the campaigns. As a rule, Picstars finds 10-20 suitable creators for the client’s influencer campaign. Depending on the duration of the campaign and the topic, these creators make 1-3 Instagram feed posts and Instagram stories. The whole content of the creators can be followed by the client in the live cockpit of Picstars. This is what the live cockpit looks like with a demo campaign.