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Industry Trends in July

What’s happening in the world of social media in July 2021? We’ll keep you up to date with the latest trends and summarize the industry trends from the upcoming month in this post.

Industry Trends in June Industry Trends in June Industry Trends in June Industry Trends in June Industry Trends in June

1. In norway, the government takes legal action against the spread of fake photos

Advertising images that have been edited by influencers must be marked as such on social media with immediate effect. This is intended to protect children and young people from an unrealistic image of beauty.

In a survey, it was found that 43% would be under stress when it comes to external appearance. Children and young people should be able to accept themselves as they are.

2. Instagram introduces Reels Ads in all regions

Instagram is pushing forward with the expansion of Reels ads. The new format is said to be available in all regions starting today. Tests were conducted in select regions and due to their success, they are now available worldwide. Reels, according to Instagram, is the best place on Instagram to reach people who are not yet followers and thus the largest audience can be reached.

The effective success of the format is difficult to predict, as it still depends to a large extent on the creativity and target group fit of a campaign.

3. Research shows the influence of TikTok on the entire music industry

Of those surveyed, a full 80% say TikTok is the primary place they discover new music. The influence runs so deep that TikTok tracks not only go through the roof on the app, but also storm the charts.

You discover new music, new artists and find old favorites again. It’s not uncommon for an older song to go viral again and make a comeback. These three parts are the main drivers of the music experience on TikTok.

The songs form a kind of new hashtag. You can click on the sound and find an overview of all the videos that have been created for that song. Since most people use the same track for the same trend or dance, the songs have a similar effect as the hashtags on the app.

4. TikTok expands its offer with Jump

Jumps allow users to link from their videos to external programs and services run by TikTok’s beta partners. Examples of TikTok partners that have already created such jumps are Whist, Breathwrk, Wikipedia, Quizlet, StatMuse and Tabelog. You can click on these links to discover things like recipes, quizzes, learning tools, etc. TikTok is a place for entertainment, but also for learning new things, and according to TikTok, Jump is the last mile for the discovery journey of their community.

New Jump partners are being added all the time. TikTok relies on the creativity of the users and we can be curious how they will use the Jump function.

5. Instagram adds group fundraiser to their offering

Instagram has added the ability to run group fundraisers on the platform. This allows users to increase engagement with a good cause by having multiple people participate in a single fundraiser within the app.

This feature was created based on the experience gained during the pandemic. There have already been several new options created on the app over the last while that go in the same direction. In July last year, Instagram added personal fundraisers, followed by Instagram Live fundraisers in August. Last November, Instagram also added the ability for users to create and share charitable fundraisers directly in their IG feed.

Industry Trends in July

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