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Industry trends in August

What’s happening in the world of social media in August 2021? We’ll keep you up to date with the latest trends and summarize the industry trends from the upcoming month in this post.

Branchentrends Juli Branchentrends Juli

1. Spark Ads by TikTok

Branded Content Ads are now called Spark Ads. To build a solid content strategy, creative original videos can be amplified with Spark Ads on TikTok. The Duet features intensify distribution even more and a sustainable connection to the community can be built.

TikTok communicates, “Content on TikTok has endless potential to inspire creativity. We are excited to introduce this product to our brands and partners. We look forward to making TikTok a place where communities and brands can connect and discover. And look forward to seeing the limitless possibilities and creativity that await in the TikTok universe.”

2. TikTok overtakes YouTube in the USA

TikTok was not taken seriously for a long time. Many are still skeptical of the platform today, but it continues to prove itself time and time again. Users of Android phones in the USA now spend an average of 24.5 hours per month on TikTok, compared to 22 hours per month on YouTube. In England, too, TikTok is ahead of YouTube, with 26h per month, compared to 16h per month.

Two and a half hours may be a small difference, but judging by data collected by the app Annie, that gap is set to widen: In December 2019, the start of the company’s survey period, Americans spent just 16 hours per month on TikTok versus 21.5 hours on YouTube – meaning TikTok’s user engagement has grown significantly while YouTube’s has grown very little.

However, this development is not the same everywhere. In South Korea, for example, consumption of YouTube videos is still twice as high as that of TikTok videos.

3. Instagram tests story links for all

Until now, “normal consumers” could not put links in their Instagram stories that could be swiped up directly to visit the website.

Now, however, Instagram is testing the Link Sticker feature, which enables a similar form of linking. This will benefit Instagram accounts that do not yet meet the requirements for the swipe-up feature, such as small businesses and micro-influencers.

4. Thriller develops: longer formats for videos and entry into social commerce

Thriller had long seemed poised to become a competitor to TikTok if politics in the U.S. under Trump had evolved to block TikTok in the United States. Now that that hasn’t come to pass, Triller has expanded its creation of long-form videos that match influencers with brands to differentiate its platform from its main competitor, TikTok.

Triller, through the development of direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies for marketing products through digital channels, is adding a click-to-purchase feature to livestreams called shoppable video.

The shoppable livestream was another sign of how Triller combines entertainment content with commerce on behalf of brands. Last year, NYX promoted its Spring 2021 collection with a virtual concert by singer Bebe Rexha and an augmented reality (AR) pop-up store on Triller.

5. TikTok resells in-house AI

ByteDance, the parent company of video sharing app TikTok, has started selling TikTok’s AI to other companies. This may eventually happen through a subscription, but it is not clear yet.

TikTok’s recommendation algorithm plays a big part in why the company is so popular. Essentially, the way you interact with the app influences which videos it recommends to you.

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