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Find the #perfectmatch for your business

We sat down again with Robin, our Senior Product Manager, to talk about how to find the perfect influencers for each individual campaign and the role Picstars technology plays in that process. More information about the Goldbach and Picstars offer can be found here.

Robin Christopher Heering, 28, Senior Product Manager bei PICSTARS

What is Influencer Matchmaking?

“At Picstars, we define influencer matchmaking as the strategic pairing of influencers or creators and brands. The creators must embody the core values of a brand and reflect them in their social media profiles. They must be able to optimally fulfill or even exceed the defined goals and objectives of a campaign. The unique and authentic content can subsequently also be reused by the client. Influencer matchmaking is as much art as science. This is why the reciprocal relationship between data-driven technology and the human relationship is so important at Picstars and the reason for the success in campaign implementation. Technology and campaign management go hand in hand for us.”

What is the first step of the matchmaking process?

“The first step is to set goals for the campaign with the client. We bring our expertise in influencer marketing strategy, our creator network, technical performance and creative thinking to the table and brainstorm with the client to define an ideal strategy for the campaign. Performance metrics (reach, impressions and engagement) are also noted, which should be achieved over the course of the campaign. Through our data-driven technology, campaign managers and the sales team have real-time insight to determine realistically achievable goals based on the parameters of the campaign brief (budget, strategic goals, etc.).”

After this step, does the matchmaking feature of the Picstars product come into play?

“That’s right. After the campaign and sales teams have clearly defined the briefing and goals for the campaign with the client, the performance metrics are stored in our admin app. Now our Campaign Managers can enter all the collected information (keywords and target group information) into the app to find the perfect mix of influencer, campaign and brand so that the defined KPIs can be achieved. This is done through a deep search in our Creator database thanks to an advanced smart search and filtering technology in real time.”

How does this tool function?

“We’re constantly feeding our database with new information – it’s always learning and growing, which means better and better matches are found. Each influencer is tagged with topics and quirks, which allows us to filter them efficiently. Campaign managers can set search parameters based on basic data points like impressions, engagement and reach, more advanced data like geographic locations of the creator and their followers, (gender breakdown, etc.) and uniquely collected data points like quality ratings, activities, interests and likes. These are just a few filtering options – but showing them all in detail is definitely beyond the scope of this interview.”

Who uses this tool?

“The tool is used by our campaign management and sales team. It is the symbiosis between our team’s know-how and technology that makes us unique as an influencer agency. We believe that influencer marketing should not be a purely automated and data-driven activity within the marketing mix. We have intentionally designed the technology to strike a critical balance to ensure that our platforms remain a powerful supporting tool for our campaign management and sales teams, and ensure scalability of the process.”

What’s next on the agenda?

“We are currently completing an intensive and cross-departmental research and evaluation phase. We are working on optimizing our filter function for even more accurate matches. We are also implementing new features that will improve the scalability of an influencer campaign so that our clients get a more accurate report. We are very excited about the outcome of this project and our insights that will give us direction to drive innovation in influencer matchmaking.”

Thank you, dear Robin, for your time and the interesting inputs. We are excited to see what you will push further in the team!

Coverphoto Credits: Javier Esteban for Tech Daily


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