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Don’t make ads. Make TikTok’s.

TikTok is now offering advertising formats in Switzerland, Picstars is implementing them as a TikTok partner.

We have looked to Germany for a long time, and waited… Now the time has finally come: TikTok offers the first advertising formats in Switzerland! As a TikTok partner, Picstars is in active exchange with TikTok Germany and TikTok Europe HQ in London, in order to learn from first source and as a “first mover” how and what we can offer you. 

Exciting to mention: Over the last months the user number of TikTok doubled itself, the age of the TikTok user expanded from the completely young (GenZ/32%) on also somewhat older (18-24 year old/38%) up to the still older (25-34 year old/22%) user. The potential is therefore enormous, the opportunity for the companies and brands enormous.

With the new ad possibilities you can work with or without Influencer/Creator, the TikTok Top View Ads are shown to ALL Swiss TikTok users in full screen mode when opening the app, this exclusively (no other brand gets this ad space) for 24 hours.

With the TopView Ads, TikTok guarantees 1-1.5 million Swiss impressions each, which is unique!

The third option, the In-Feed Ad, is a storytelling video that appears between User Generated Content in the “For You” feed in 4th position. Here too, TikTok guarantees over 500k Swiss impressions.

TopView Lite
In-Feed Ad

Picstars supports you with planning, content/clip creation, creator selection (optional) up to the live switching of the ADs. For the creation Picstars works with TikTok experts, who know exactly what the TikTok generation is looking at and how they are successfully “influenced” by a brand.


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