Guess surprises with a whole new approach to Valentine’s Day! Instead of waiting for someone to give us a gift, the motto this year (2022) was: Give yourself a present! “Surprise Yourself” stands, among other things, for independent women who do something good for themselves. In addition, the brand redefined itself with the #surpriseyourself campaign and appealed especially to Gen Z with influencers like Sara Leutenegger and Margaux Seydoux.

Guess is also inspiringly light and playful for spring, which makes the brand attractive to a large target audience. The products were beautifully showcased with a great selection of female influencers who were able to spend a lovely afternoon shopping at Manor. In addition, all the female influencers were able to identify very well with the Guess brand and its message. Not only a great success but also a statement!

1.6 M Impressions
1.46% Engagement Rate
5 Content Creators