Energie Schweiz

For the second year in a row, Aroma launched the Selfie Hotel, attracting countless visitors from all over Switzerland this year in Lausanne. In collaboration with Picstars, eight content creators from German- and French-speaking Switzerland used this campaign to draw attention to the core messages of Energy Switzerland, which focus on climate protection and energy efficiency.

In the 24 creative, fun and thought-provoking rooms, Picstars worked with an on-site photographer to stage and shoot the Creators. This resulted in very high quality content and unique “behind the scenes” storytelling.

Through the messages in the rooms and the strong message, we succeeded in staging the Creator in such a way that the message could be conveyed visually. In addition, personalized captions were used to create awareness on the various topics related to energy and climate. A creative and impressive project for the protection of our planet.

350k Impressions
12 Influencer
24 TikToks
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