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Swiss Life #youngadults

Be smart. Go Budget!”

True to this motto, content creators from a wide variety of fields were able to demonstrate their talent as second hand queens, life hackers or gourmet foodies with smart budget ideas. They provided their communities with helpful tips for a thrifty everyday life – without having to make any sacrifices.

The campaign aims to sensitize the so-called “young adults” to the importance of saving money. Always with the goal in mind of being able to fulfill dreams in the medium term.
Swiss Life is always available as a reliable partner for all questions relating to saving money.

As part of the campaign, the Creators not only created inspiring pictures and stories, but also informative and captivating IGTVs.

Using IGTV, longer videos can be uploaded than in conventional feed post. You ‘tease’ the video in the feed by a short preview in the feed and bring the followers to the whole video. It offers the opportunity to bring the brand message and corporate philosophy to the viewer. This is exactly what the #youngadults campaign did. The result included content such as Fabio Zingg’s incredibly scenic and high quality produced video, which he posted as IGTV on his Instagram channel.


Content Creators






Examples of stories and IGTVs from the #youngadults campaign

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