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Joop #joopdynamicproducts

Elegant, dynamic styles from JOOP! paired with extraordinary sports like parkour or dance? A perfect match on all levels.

3 creators from the field of dance and parkour run tested the new Dynamic Products from JOOP! They jumped from the highest heights, danced through the streets and thus put the function of the collection through its paces. The JOOP! Dynamic Products convince with their form stability, functionality, stretch and last but not least with a modern, casual design.

To also promote user-generated content, the “Show Us How Dynamic You Are” Challenge was launched. The communities of the three Creators were invited to show their coolest Dynamic Moves during two weeks. Participants had the chance to win a voucher for the JOOP! online store worth 500 euros.

The symbiosis of creators and their communities enabled a buzz on the different platforms through the challenge and the interactions and thus successfully spread the message of JOOP!


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