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Groupe Mutuel #letssavetime

Put an end to annoying paperwork! At last, health insurance policies can be conveniently managed from a smartphone – saving not only time, but also nerves and paper.

The goal of the campaign for Groupe Mutuel was to create awareness for the new insurance app. Under the motto #letssavetime, six creators tested the new Groupe Mutuel app for a week. In an initial feed post, they used creative and humorous content to point out the annoying paperwork that always comes with managing their insurance. In their stories, they teased that they have a way out of this predicament and now want to test the newly discovered Groupe Mutuel app.

In a second feed post, the creators shared their experiences with the new app. They highlighted the app’s ease of use and practical features. They also encouraged their followers to download the app so that they too can save not only time, but also nerves and paper in the future.


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