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#FreeFeelsGood – Feldschlösschen

In cooperation with 20 Minuten Advertising, a subsidiary of Goldbach Group AG, Picstars has developed a campaign for the non-alcoholic beer alternative from Feldschlösschen.

To strive for a health-conscious lifestyle has been one of the current megatrends for quite some time. This offers a great opportunity for non-alcoholic beer to establish itself as a completely independent beverage category, which was the overall goal of the campaign. Under the slogan “free feels good”, a campaign was launched for the cult brand Feldschlösschen to help non-alcoholic beer become more popular.

The campaign was developed in cooperation with Picstars and 20 Minuten. The cooperation is characterized by the high quality of the work and the strong collaboration. The campaign was launched in August 2020 and consists of classical advertising and various other content measures on the part of 20 Minuten and influencer marketing on the part of Picstars. Long-term planning was used in the planning and a multi-year collaboration is aimed for in order to convey the message both consistently and continuously.

Three influencers were selected as brand ambassadors to communicate the authentic nature and good taste of the drink to the Swiss population at large. These are people who are typically not beer drinkers and therefore do not address the “typical beer drinking community”. Feldschlösschen decided to carry out the campaign with Doris Flury (@mrsflury), Janosch Nietlispach (@janoschnietlispach) and Marion Kaelin (@marionkaelin). Thus, an authentic brand-influencer match was guaranteed and the high quality of the content could be assured by the accompaniment of a photographer provided by 20 minutes.

As kick-off a post of the common brewery tour was shared. The three creators shared a total of 6 posts and 18 stories. They were invited to the brewery, announced product innovations and activated all phases of the campaign. They became professionals in the field of non-alcoholic beer and were able to present Feldschlösschen in a unique way. With their content, they created the perfect basis for spreading the campaign through the Goldbach channels.

Kampagnen KPIs: 10.08.2020 – 30.09.2020



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