Industry Trends in October

What’s happening in the world of social media in October 2021? We’ll keep you up to date with the latest trends and summarize the industry trends from the upcoming month in this post.

1. TikTok World is in the starting blocks

“TikTok World” is Tiktok’s first global summit, which will help brands and marketers with a successful Tiktok advertising strategy. The Summit will also help with targeting and growing your community.

Tiktok announced in its own newsroom, “We’re excited to introduce creative, branding and commerce solutions that help brands of all sizes achieve success. Our tools will make the experience for brands on TikTok even better and transform how they interact with their community.”

2. #TrueStory: Making young people aware of disinformation

Fake news and disinformation pose a major challenge to society. Social media is a medium where such disinformation can be placed and spread rapidly. The Vodafone Foundation and the youth education initiative MESH Collective (We Are Era) therefore launched the awareness campaign #TrueStory.young people are to be sensitized and trained for dealing with fake news and, in addition, media and information skills are to be promoted.

Wailam and NikotheC, The Real Lauri and Vikykid are among the campaign ambassadors. In total, the four creators have a reach of 2.5 million. “Screentime among young people has increased again since the pandemic began, as have encounters with disinformation. With our #TrueStory campaign, we’re making a statement where young people are getting their information today – on social media.” Amanda Brennan, Editorial Director at MESH Collective shares.

3. Tiktok and Bumble join forces

The dating app Bumble will work with TikTok on a partnership aimed at inspiring people to show their true, “authentic personality” to make more high-quality matches on Bumble, according to campaign.

The partnership launches with the “Date with better answers” campaign, in which TikTok authors from the U.K., France and Germany inspire people to improve themselves as dating partners.

4. ByteDance limits the usage time of children to 40 minutes per day

TikTok parent company ByteDance is restricting how much time children can spend with Tiktok’s Chinese counterpart, Douyin.

Children under 14 will have to use Douyin’s new “youth mode,” which automatically limits their usage time to a total of 40 minutes per day, and only between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., ByteDance said in an official blog post over the weekend.

As reported by BBC, ByteDance is the first short video platform to introduce a time limit, according to a blog post (in Chinese) .

ByteDance also noted that Douyin’s youth mode will feature education-oriented content such as “interesting popular science experiments, exhibitions in museums and galleries, beautiful landscapes across the country, explanations of historical knowledge and so on.”

5. horizon publishes which brand convinces on Tiktok and which falls through

Daniel Wellington is Horizon’s negative example when it comes to advertising on Tiktok. In 2015, the company triggered a veritable influencer marketing revolution on Instagram. But what works well on Instagram doesn’t necessarily work well on Tiktok. While the company launched on Tiktok back in 2019, it is still stuck at 50,000 followers. The Horizon article states, “So what’s the problem? It’s obvious that Daniel Wellington is missing TikTok’s maxim “Don’t make Ads, make TikToks”. All the videos, while of high quality, seem to be produced more for TV or Instagram and lack the added value so important to the ad-sensitive GenZ.”

Horizont presents Kaufland as a positive example. They describe their approach as coherent and lively. It also becomes clear that those responsible are pursuing a clear and promising strategy. Instead of reposting a brand ambassador in almost every video, Kaufland relies on a few employees and a good dozen content creators who fit the brand perfectly and form a common thread.” This clearly differentiates the strategy from the first example. Horizont summarizes the Kaufland example as follows: “Overall, Kaufland succeeds in creating an entertaining and refreshing TikTok appearance, which fits in with similarly potent formats and implementations with potent creators (such as Trymacs, Knossi, CrispyRob) on YouTube or Twitch, and in view of the content so far, we can look forward to what else is in store for us in the future.

Industry Trends in October

Cover-Credits: George Bohunicky & Sereja RisHire