Branded Hashtag Challenges

Branded Hashtag Challenges on TikTok offer a company completely new marketing opportunities. Therefore, it is highly recommended to deal with this option. Among TikTokers, hashtag challenges are very big, which is why it is impossible to imagine life without them. Many publish their very own version of the challenge under the corresponding hashtag. So you can find all versions at a glance under the hashtag. This is the basis for the concept of the Branded Hashtag Challenges.

The Challege is for six days in the carousel of the Trending Hashtags. During 60 days, the live time of the Challege, you can access a special overview page that summarizes all the contents. Branded Hashtag Challenge Plus also offers priority ad placements and an additional Explore Page with modular components such as banners, carousel, surveys, offline stores and related hashtags. Additionally, the Branded Hashtag Challenge includes 1 One Day Max and 1 TopView Ad.

#eyeslipsface – Exemplary campaign for a Branded Hashtag Challege

Elf Cosmetics, a make-up brand from the USA, sets an example: More than 3 million videos were generated by the Challenge with a total of 4 billion views. This makes it the most successful TikTok marketing campaign to date. The following video briefly introduces the campaign, focusing on the success and thoughts behind the concept.

The #eyeslipsface campaign is a prime example of what is possible with TikTok Marketing. Picstars is a TikTok partner in Switzerland and we will start the new branded hashtag hallges as soon as they are available in Switzerland. The possibilities are almost endless, so there are no limits to your imagination. Companies are offered the opportunity to spread their individual brand message through the Challenge and to anchor themselves in the minds of Gen Z. TikTok is a unique platform for this, as the viewers accept the content very well and continue to represent it independently, which is what the Challeges build on.

#eyeslipsface Verion von Jessica Alba mit 11.6 Mio Views