Don’t make ads. Make TikTok’s.

TikTok is now offering advertising formats in Switzerland, Picstars is implementing them as a TikTok partner.

We have looked to Germany for a long time, and waited… Now the time has finally come: TikTok offers the first advertising formats in Switzerland! As a TikTok partner, Picstars is in active exchange with TikTok Germany and TikTok Europe HQ in London, in order to learn from first source and as a “first mover” how and what we can offer you. 

Exciting to mention: Over the last months the user number of TikTok doubled itself, the age of the TikTok user expanded from the completely young (GenZ/32%) on also somewhat older (18-24 year old/38%) up to the still older (25-34 year old/22%) user. The potential is therefore enormous, the opportunity for the companies and brands enormous.

With the new ad possibilities you can work with or without Influencer/Creator, the TikTok Top View Ads are shown to ALL Swiss TikTok users in full screen mode when opening the app, this exclusively (no other brand gets this ad space) for 24 hours.

With the TopView Ads, TikTok guarantees 1-1.5 million Swiss impressions each, which is unique!

The third option, the In-Feed Ad, is a storytelling video that appears between User Generated Content in the “For You” feed in 4th position. Here too, TikTok guarantees over 500k Swiss impressions.

TopView Lite
In-Feed Ad

Picstars supports you with planning, content/clip creation, creator selection (optional) up to the live switching of the ADs. For the creation Picstars works with TikTok experts, who know exactly what the TikTok generation is looking at and how they are successfully “influenced” by a brand.

How influencers and brands tick on TikTok

After the basics of TikTok were explained in the first part of the interview series, TikTok expert Swana Fanslau now tells in the second part how influencers and advertisers can use the platform for themselves.

What does it take to become an Influencer on TikTok?

On TikTok anyone can become an influencer – that’s what’s great about it! You can build up an enormous range even with few followers. The only way to find out what makes TikTok tick is to try it out for yourself and stay tuned.

And what does it take for a company to successfully advertise on TikTok?

Currently, there are various forms of advertising: from classic brand takeovers, to interactive hashtag challenges and influencer cooperation. The great potential of TikTok is the young target group on the platform. Generation Z has a lot of purchasing power, but wants to be properly addressed. Those who communicate too seriously and dusty will not reach them even on TikTok. Companies must speak the same language as the young target group and convey their message authentically.

Which TikTok campaigns do you find particularly successful?

The #YouOwnIt -Challenge from the cosmetics company MAC, definitely! Not only because it is one of the most successful campaigns to date, with no less than 2.7 billion views, but also because it fully achieved its goal of generating more awareness among Generation Z.

Another cool example is the #1livekronechallenge, where users were asked to choose via an interactive interface which of the suggested stars they would kiss, paw or celebrate with. The prize was tickets to the German music prize of the same name, funny results and 18 million views.

But more socially relevant topics such as Australia’s bushfires also find appeal on TikTok. The #supportaustralia campaign called on users to donate and generated over 300 million views.

So far so good, but where are the challenges in dealing with Tiktok?

One of the biggest challenges will be to keep the fun and advertising on TikTok within bounds. Advertisers should always make sure they speak the language of the target audience and entertain them rather than interrupt them.

Swana Fanslau

All in, if it concerns Influencer marketing – that is Swana Fanslau, Head of Campaign Management at Picstars Germany. With a degree in economics with a marketing focus in her pocket and a great deal of social media knowledge in her head, Swana moves professionally and privately on all channels. The fashion lover’s heart beats faster not only with Louis Vuitton and Fendi, but also with happy customers and successful campaigns.