The Perfect Match with Homegate

After 2018 (#my favorite place) and 2019 (#homestories) Homegate & Picstars is planning a third round of influencers in 2020. There are of course many reasons for this, one of them is the process of influencer selection. While in the past potential influencers were presented with many Excel lists, Homegate 2020 will benefit from the new Picstars Influencer Selection.

It is a challenge to find perfectly fitting creators that appeal to the Homegate Audience and provide the customer with content for further use with an appealing image quality.

About the procedure:
More than 100 influencers from our database, which basically fit well to Homegate, will be contacted with the rough concept and key data of the campaign. Basically, the influencers are free to apply for the campaign or not. After the first evaluation, a large number of creators have already returned with interest in participating in the campaign. On the other hand, they already had a concrete idea for implementation. In other words, how do the influencers, the posts, the stories, etc. intend to implement Homegate?

Especially this influencer pitch becomes very valuable for the customer as well as for us to make the choice. 

Often, very creative and great ideas emerge, which neither we, the customer, nor a possible agency would have thought of. Because it applies also here: The influencer knows best what his followers like!

Next steps:
From the interested Influencer profiles Picstars makes a first pre-selection to present a first selection to the customer. Based on the visuals and KPI’s, the customer selects his favorites, which are best suited to achieve the goals. If necessary, specific influencer groups will be contacted afterwards in a joint discussion and more detailed elaboration of the campaign.

Effort and goal of the Influencer Pitch:
Of course, the task to create “the perfect Match” is not completely effortless. Despite many automated processes, the preparation up to the handling of the campaign includes many manual and “hand” processes – after all, the customers as well as the influencers are only human… but this is the best way to ensure success.

We are looking forward to the final selection of the customer and many authentic posts of the selected influencers. 

“The pitches of the individual Creators facilitated the selection in the past and will also be very useful for the upcoming campaign”.
Melaney Zaubek, Content Marketing & Communication Manager, Media Manager at Homegate.