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Would you like to work with content creators who are fully committed to showcasing your brand? These dedicated people exist. We know them and the right concepts & tools for a creative and measurable collaboration. That is Influencer Marketing.

Campaign: Lipo | Creator: @deeanaofficial

Engagement 360°
for full transparency

  1. We are measured by our performance!
  2. Selection of Creators by Commitment
  3. Guaranteed commitment Targets and tracking during the campaign
  4. Performance-based payment according to Posts’ commitment


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Want to work with Instagram Creators who are dedicated to showcasing your brand? We know these dedicated influencers. Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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Questions & Answers

We offer brands modular services & software for their Influencer, respectively Creator Marketing. For some brands this is the handling of an influencer campaign from A-Z. In this case our services are comparable to a classical influencer agency. However, unlike such agencies, we have our own software, data and processes for a transparent and efficient orchestration of influencer marketing campaigns.Orchestrierung von Influencer Marketing Kampagnen.

This depends on the duration, the number of creators/influencers and their tasks in the campaign. As the only provider we plan and charge the creators’ work based on the achieved engagement (likes, comments, etc.). The reason is quite simple. Good content achieves a strong community engagement. And this engagement is crucial for the reach of the posts & stories. Now concretely: From 10’000 EUR you can have Picstars implement an influencer campaign with a duration of 2 months and a guaranteed engagement of 11’000 with 7-9 creators. All inclusive.

Also including the use of photos & videos by the client for his online communication channels during the duration of the campaign

Creators create creative, authentic content. This makes them credible entertainers or experts for their follower community. This results in an influence of the creator on the opinions and interests of the community.

Content creators are a valuable component of a Content Marketing Strategy. The creators’ photos, videos, texts, stories and ideas can be used by the brands for their own communication channels. For interviews in a blog, for social ads, for commercial publishing or an appearance at events. The application possibilities are broad. So it is not just the reach in the target group that needs to be considered, but also the use of content and topics in the brand’s own communication channels.

The advertiser’s goal is at the beginning of the selection process. The creative implementation idea with Content Creators sets the framework for the search for suitable profiles. In our database we find over 4000 profiles of tested and qualitatively suitable Creator profiles in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through a thematic segmentation of the profiles, we can quickly make a preselection of possible creators.

These people will receive an email from us with a great designed request. The interested creators apply with a short “pitch” for the campaign. They answer specific questions, which are important for the advertiser and a creative and qualitative implementation. Via the Picstars Cockpit for Brands, we provide all interested creators with our recommendation for selection. The advertiser can now comfortably browse the profiles and pitches of the creators and make a selection. In this video we give you an insight into the selection process and the Picstars software.

There are various free web tools such as socialblade.com to check the development of the number of followers over a longer period of time for anomalies. The engagement rate (total interactions of a post in relation to the number of followers) is another indicator. We do not tolerate abuse of influencer & creators regarding followers and likes. High quality content and the influencer community are crucial for a successful influencer campaign.

You will find more interesting information on this topic in the following articles, which we have written together with experts on this topic with experts on this topic.

A free referral of paid and good quality campaigns with brands. Creators must meet the quality criteria to be included in the database.

Picstars works on behalf of the brands for the organisation or monitoring of a campaign. To do this, Picstars uses its own software solution.

More information and the registration for interested creators can be found on this page >>