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You are looking for strong storytelling and authentic influencers for a successful market presence?

Thanks to our unique technology, our exceptional network of +7,000 verified influencers and years of experience as an influencer marketing agency, we are the right partner for your story.

We will find your perfect match.

Picstars is the leading provider for creative, inspiring, efficient and data-driven influencer marketing.

From the development of creative concepts, to the execution of the campaign, the measurement and reporting of the results. We help brands engage and activate their target groups through strategic and creative influencer marketing campaigns.


Picstars has valuable experience thanks to over 240 campaigns. The Picstars team in the tech hotspots Zurich and Berlin consists of 25+ employees including an internal creative agency. Our efficient processes and the direct proximity to the influencers allow us to develop creative and innovative ideas for your individual campaign.

Influencer Marketing

With our complex database, we can identify the right influencers for your campaign. Thanks to strong performance and authenticity, your perfect match succeeds in credible storytelling. Our proprietary platform supports every step of the campaign, from the selection to the controlling and finally the influencer management.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing stands for wide-reaching, authentic brand communication with high credibility. This type of referral marketing works so well that every 2nd social media user is now motivated by influencers to make purchasing decisions.


Influencers reach millions of people with their targeted messages. The content is not skippable.


Identifying the right influencers for customers and campaigns ensures authentic communication.

Target Group

We know the influencers and their audiences and support them in effectively addressing the appropriate target group.


The influencers and creators produce customized and creative storytelling at the highest level.


The targeted publishing of content on relevant channels ensures the right target group approach.

Word of

In the past, people mainly listened to friends or family. Now, every second social media user follows buying recommendations from influencers.

We use Influencer Marketing on Various Social Media Channels.








Why Picstars?

As an influencer marketing agency, we offer creative, inspiring and efficient solutions for data-driven campaigns. To create content for compelling storytelling and authentic messages, we identify the right influencers for you and your brand.

Cross Platform
360° Marketing Mix

We take an innovative approach and combine multiple platforms and media formats. Whether social media, digital out of home (DOOH) or events – we are the right partner.


As the official TikTok partner in Switzerland, we can draw on valuable experience for influencer marketing campaigns. With this fast-growing platform, we can respond to your wishes even better.

is our Home

We have many years of experience as an influencer marketing agency. You could almost say we are “old hands”. In Switzerland, we’ve been around since 2014 – there we’re also the market leader. Since 2018 we are also going full throttle in Germany!


Our campaigns tell creative stories and build an emotional connection with the target group. We offer additional reach, for example, through a target group approach with branded content ads.

Face Filter

To increase awareness of your brand, we create custom augmented reality (AR) filters for your brand. This leads to User Generated Content, engagement and extra traffic on your site.

Controlling and

Controlling and safety are essential for us. In the Picstars Cockpit, everything can be monitored and controlled in real time. The overview of all insights of the campaign is guaranteed by regular reporting.

We Work with the best!

We work with leading national and international agencies, brands and companies. Our customized influencer marketing strategies are based on your needs, wishes and goals.