Picstars Live


The perfect sponsoring

Are you a sponsor, who wants to use the personal network of your stars and talents? PICSTARS offers a way to do so.

With Picstars you are present on all of the photos and videos of your well-known and your new stars and talents. Targeted and measurable. You pay the ambassadors based on their performance and achieved reach, and you track, measure and control all interactivities using your personal cockpit.


The cockpit for brands and sponsors

  • Manage and upload advertising campaigns
  • Manage ambassadors
  • Define the advertising budget, reach and duration
  • Overview of the live performance
  • Overview of all ambassadors
  • Live streaming of all photos and videos


Team Isa&Anouk
Swisscom Freeski Team

The app for your ambassadors

  • Photo and video functions
  • Select brands and advertising campaigns
  • Automatic posting of photos and videos on social media
  • Overview of the live performance
  • Live budget and overview of the income opportunities
  • Manage and pay sponsorship balance



Stars & talents for your brand and your advertising campaign

Picstars offers you a selection of ambassadors who have a large personal reach on social media. Have a look at the sedcards of the stars & talents.

Sponsoring stars & talents



Pro Like/Favourite
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter



Pro Comment
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter



Pro Share/Retweet
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The Sponsoring-Amounts are just guidelines, the brands/sponsors can set these as they wish. The prices are lower than the current expenditures for likes and clicks in social media advertising (Repucom, Sales Force 2015).

100% of the sponsorships goes straight to the stars & talents via Picstars.

The brand has the option to set a cap, a maximum budget, per month. Should a photo achieve a much greater reach (go viral), the brand will not be charged additionally. For the following months, a new cap will be set together with the brand. In this manner, the maximum reach can always be targeted. The licence fee per talent and per month for Cockpit is CHF 49, the setup fee is included. For additional services such as reach, statistics, talent and/or brand consulting, and big data and matching, a mark-up of 25% will be charged based on the number/costs of likes, comments and shares.

You already have a contract with your ambassadors.

If social media posts are already covered in your contract with an ambassador, we can offer you pricing without having to pay the talent. Contact us for details.

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